ProTec is the preferred authorized low voltage vendor/contractor for San Jose International Airport with SIDA badged employees.

San José Intl Airport Tenant Services

ProTec provides the following services:

  • Escort Services
  • Hosted PBX Services
  • Structured Cabling
  • T1 Extensions ( Tenant must agree to Point to Point Service and Maintenance Agreement). ProTec
    provides T1 extension equipment and software from MPOE to SJC airport location as well as ongoing maintenance
  • Carrier Service ordering. We will order and coordinate the installation of your new carrier service for T1’s or beyond.
  • Infrastructure: i.e. conduits pathways, etc.

Airport tenants may be required to submit a Form A[3] and or Form B[4] to the Airport Properties department for the desired work. Also for some types of work a permit may be required which will add time and cost to the project[4]. See links 1 through 4 labeled below.


Airport Tenant Information Links:

[1] Tenant Guidelines

[2] Premises Distribution System – Airport Technology Services

[3] Concept Review Application Form PDF (Form A)

[4] Tenant Construction Permit Application Form PDF (Form B)



John Lawrence at email: or phone 408-217- 2548